Esteem® - The Hearing Implant™

This Esteem® patient was born with profound hearing loss. Although she is not a Camino ENT patient, her reaction is very similar to the reactions of our patients who receive the Esteem® implant. Camino ENT is a center of excellence for Esteem® implant surgeries, and has implanted more Esteem® hearing devices than any other practice in the last year.

The Esteem®, by Envoy Medical Corporation, is the only fully implantable hearing device for sensorineural hearing loss that uses the natural ear as a microphone. It is a surgically implanted device to help improve hearing and enhance the quality of your life.

Esteem® is designed to help improve the hearing of many adults with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss. Esteem® is fully implanted in the middle ear. It is not a hearing aid. The technology consists of the Sound Processor, implanted behind the outer ear, and two transducers (called the Sensor and Driver) that are implanted in the middle ear. The materials used to make Esteem® have been proven safe and reliable in millions of pacemakers and other implanted medical devices.

Invisible Hearing®

Nobody notices when you have Esteem®. It is a fully implanted prosthetic hearing restoration device, giving you worry-free, Invisible Hearing® once again. When you look in the mirror, you are not going to be reminded of your hearing aid, and therefore, your hearing loss. Although totally implanted, you can still switch the Esteem® on and off and regulate the volume with a convenient Personal Programmer.

No microphone – No noise interference

Esteem® uses your own eardrum as a natural microphone, picking up sounds through the ear canal, thereby using the body’s natural anatomy to reduce the background noise, distortion, and acoustic feedback that people experience with conventional hearing aids. Many surgeons have termed the Esteem® an electronic prosthetic hearing device.

The Esteem® Components

The Sensor is attached to the ossicular chain. It picks up vibrations from the eardrum, malleus and incus bones and converts the vibrations into electrical signals. These signals are sent to the Sound Processor. The Sound Processor filters and increases the electrical signals and sends them to the Driver.

Esteem Sensor

The Sound Processor is programmed by your Health Care Professional to customize Esteem® settings for your particular hearing needs. The Sound Processor case also holds the battery.

Esteem®’s maintenance-free battery lasts 4.5 to 9 years, depending on use. Once it is depleted, the battery is replaced in a minor outpatient surgical operation. Changing batteries every two weeks and laborious charging are things of the past.

Esteem Processor

The Driver is attached to the stapes in the middle ear. The Driver converts the electrical signals that it has received from the Sound Processor back into mechanical vibrations and transmits these signals to the stapes and the cochlea.

Esteem Driver

The Personal Programmer is your personal “remote control” that can be used to turn your Esteem® On or Off (standby), select the volume and select one of three unique program settings. You will be able to adjust your Esteem® to your own comfort level no matter where you are — at home, using the telephone, in a crowded restaurant, or on a noisy street.

Esteem Personal Programmer

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To find out if Esteem® is right for you, please request a consultation with Camino ENT by calling (408) 227-6300.

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