Hearing Aid Accessories

Despite unparalleled advancements in digital hearing loss treatment technologies, today’s hearing aids still fall short in some settings, such as when there is loud background noise or the source of sound is far away.

Hearing aid accessories are the best way to improve hearing in situations where your hearing aids need a boost.

Camino ENT’s hearing instrument center in San Jose is a great place to discover a wide variety of hearing aid accessories to boost hearing and simplify your life with hearing aids.

Types of Hearing Aid Accessories

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are a type of hearing aid accessory designed to transmit sounds from their source directly to you. There are three categories of ALDs depending on the technology they use to communicate: frequency-modulated (FM) systems, infrared systems and audio loops. Assistive Listening Devices - hearing aids accessories - camino ent - san jose caSome assistive listening devices are standalone accessories you can invest in at our San Jose hearing clinic, while others are actually built into your surroundings. For example, audio loops are integrated into many local Silicon Valley buildings like movie theaters, convention centers, churches and courtrooms. These loops can connect directly with modern hearing aids that have a “telecoil” setting.


Microphones are very small, subtle devices that are designed to be placed near a speaker to gather sound that is then wirelessly streamed directly to your ears. Microphones are helpful when you need to carry on a conversation successfully in a loud environment like a restaurant or sporting event. They’re also helpful in meetings, lectures, classrooms and other similar settings.

Remote Controls

Remotes offer convenient control over the settings on your hearing aids, so you don’t have to worry about making adjustments to programming, settings or power manually. Remote controls can be small handheld devices kept in a pocket or purse—and certain cutting-edge hearing aids can even be controlled directly through your smartphone using a simple app.


Batteries are the key to operating your device and they’re always important to have on hand no matter where you are. A majority of our San Jose patients use disposable zinc-air batteries in their hearing aids. Recently, rechargeable batteries are becoming a more popular option, though they’re only available for certain devices. No matter what battery type you use, it is probably the most important accessory you’re sure to need day in, day out.

Bluetooth® Devices

Bluetooth accessories are various devices that all perform the same basic function. Wireless hearing aid accessories offer unprecedented connectivity between your hearing aids and the many high-tech devices you use each day. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid accessories let you stream clear, quality sound from your smartphone, TV, MP3 player, entertainment system, computer and more straight to your hearing aids.