Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most commons causes of hearing loss. Exposure to sounds over 85 dB (such as heavy city traffic) can cause hearing damage. Exposing your ears to water, wind and cold also puts your hearing at risk. Wearing protective hearing devices such as earmolds can ensure your ears are safe. Please take a look through the pages below to learn more about the custom-made earmolds and earplugs we offer you and your loved ones.

Westone DefendEar Recreational Earpieces

Westone has been creating custom earpieces in the USA since 1959. DefendEar recreational earpieces are a series of earmolds that can be used to protect your ears against dangerous sounds and environments.

Passive Earplugs

DefendEar SolidDefendEar Solid – These earmolds provide maximum noise reduction, making them optimal for high-noise environments.

westone_concertDefendEar Concert – These earmolds are ideal for musicians and concertgoers, as well as music teachers, flight attendants and anyone who needs to hear accurately in loud situations. This type of musician’s earmold reduces sound levels evenly so music and speech sound clear. These plugs prevent dangerously loud sounds from entering the ear but keep the integrity of the music intact.

westone_sleep_1DefendEar Sleep – These comfortable earmolds are designed to provide the user with uninterrupted sleep by blocking out loud noises.

westone_hunterpassive_1DefendEar Hunter – These hunter’s earplugs block out dangerously loud sounds, such as those of a shotgun. The earplugs allow safe sounds in, enabling hunters to remain aware of their surroundings.

Personal Earpieces

These earmolds are not intended to provide the user with protection from noise; instead, they block exposure to water, wind and cold.

westone_surferDefendEar Surfer – These earmolds are designed to prevent surfers from exposure to cold water and wind. The earmolds are made of a buoyant material to ensure they can easily be retrieved if they fall out of the ear while in water.

westone_aquanotDefendEar AquaNot – These earmolds are made specifically to prevent water from entering the canal, ideal for swimmers and those who participate in water sports. The earmolds are designed to float, ensuring they are easily retrievable in the event they come out of the ear.

westone_motorsport_1DefendEar Motorsport – These motorsport earplugs are designed to fit comfortably under a helmet and prevent wind from entering the ear.

Digital In-Ear Monitors

Digital in-ear monitors utilize electronic modules for impulse noise suppression and ambient noise amplification. This advanced technology is recommended for musicians and hunters.

DigitalEar Hunters – Through a series of digital tuning algorithms, loud sounds are suppressed while quiet sounds are enhanced. This level of safety and performance is only attainable with digital in-ear monitors. To ensure the best fit possible, the custom earpieces are cast, sculpted and finished by hand from an impression taken of your ear.

DigitalEar Musicians – These in-ear monitors allow live performers to customize which sounds they hear during a performance. The monitors block out all other external noises, such as those of the live audience. This means the musician in-ear monitors isolate unwanted sounds while providing a crystal-clear listening experience for the sounds the performer does wish to hear. A custom earpiece, cast, sculpted and finished by hand from an impression of your ear, ensures a perfect fit.