Evaluative Procedures

Are you experiencing a problem with your nose or sinuses? We offer many assessments and evaluative procedures at our San Jose ENT clinic, including those listed below.


Nasopharyngoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that allows your doctor to view the back of your nose, throat and larynx using a flexible scope inserted through the nostril. It is a useful tool for evaluating the cause of nasal airway obstructions and provides a close-up view of abnormal growths such as nasal polyps and tumors.

Nasal Endoscopy

Nasal endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure that allows your doctor to examine in detail the nasal passages, sinuses cavities and airway via a thin tube passed through the nostril. It is used to check for swelling and drainage, evaluate masses and polyps and look for complications from recent surgical procedures.

Sinus Endoscopy

Sinus endoscopy is similar to nasal endoscopy and utilizes a thin tube, either rigid or flexible, passed through the nostrils to provide a detailed look at the sinuses. It is helpful in diagnosing sinus infections; determining the cause of nasal discharge, sneezing and snoring; draining the sinuses; dispensing antibiotics; and removing polyps.